Friday, February 29, 2008

#2208-To Franz Burkhard, Electoral Vice-Kanzler

Grace and peace from the LOrd! The wine sent to me of which you write as a present is approzimately 6 Eimer, my dear Franz, and I wish you happiness in your new honor or labor and I pray the LOrd (Deum) Christ that He will increase evey blessing and support, Amen.

We are in discussions here with the English if you can call bickering discussion.To me it is unacceptable that it is of such great expense as to be a burden to the Prince.I am at least satiated ad nauseum and I already long before had begun to hate this word-quarreling with Carlstadt and Zwingli as Paul says (1 Tim.6:4)that the heart becomes darkened with such and everything which one knows is lost and one becomes a fool. "As they wanted to be considered wise,(says he,{Rom.1:22), they have become fools". More of this orally.

The debate on the Private-masses will be held next Saturday (Jan.29), as God wills, and it can be summed up in this syllogism; Every human service in divine things is an abomination; Each Private-mass is of this sort; therefore every Private-mass is an abomination.

Be it well with you in the LOrd and come when you can. Given on the day of the Conversion of St. Paul (25 Jan.) 1536.Your Martin Luther.

NOTES: As Catherine of Aragon just died in January 1536 one would think the question of the marriage of Henry VIII would have been settled. Nevertheless Anne Boleyn will be executed in June of 1536.
An Eimer is a pail.

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