Monday, March 03, 2008

#2210-Elector Johann Friedrich to Luther

To begin, our greetings. Revered and celebrated,dear devout one! Your recent writing we have read aloud and there would be no need for your thanks for the wine and wild boar which we have delivered to you since we are inclined to demonstrate much more our favor toward you.Also if the wine pleases you and tastes good we did not want to withhold any favor and ordered the best to be sent.
However that you report that the English envoys have spoiled the case by bickering and little has been accomplished we have not known and are not happy to hear but tolerate the delay and expenses without being burdened since we know they also have other reasons for the delay about the place.
Because those from Strassburg and Augsburg who are with you are vehement about your determining a place and time for a meeting with them and you need to respect such a discussion so we permit the same and are pleased to have learned the same since we hope that it will extend to much good and regard Eisenach , in addition ,as a most convenient place. Therefore you, at your opportunity, let them know the place and time and if you agree with them on the above named place and time and we also know of that day we want to attend you with horses, wagons and provide supplies. And because you do not see much benefit or necessity for much getting together, so let it be for our pleasure that you take along Doctor Pomeranus (Bugenhagen) or Magister Philipp Melanchthon whom we herewith want to be with you. This gracious opinion we did not want to keep from you and we are inclined toward with every special grace. Dated at Torgau on the Thursday after the Conversion of Paul (27 Jan.) Anno 1536.

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