Thursday, February 28, 2008

#2207-To Georg ,Prince of Anhalt

To the illustrious, highly-worthy Prince and Lord,Herr Georg,Tumprobst in Magdeburg, Prince in Anhalt, Graf in Asconien and Lord in Bernburg,my gracious Lord. in Christo (Grace and peace in Christ)and my poor pater noster etc. Illustrious,high-born Prince, gracious Lord! I note that my non-gracious Lord, the Bishop etc., has delayed the case of Anonius Schenitz, and I as I always was concerned has pretended the reconciliation and kindness of the miserable and mine is a mockery. Now since he has again thrown the rope about the horns of EFG and again used it so that he can again find and put before EFG much business daily so that EFG must out of one forty days four, five et forty days make until finally his time and whim so that he might at last reward EFG as M.Georg Schenits and others in addition. Since it is not my suspicion alone but the outrage of others that he is not to be trusted and if God grants him a true word whether one could find him to believe it. Therefore it is my heart's wish that EFG would permit him to remain idle and let him be a pious and holy Cardinal if it is possible that a Cardinal can be holy and pious.Thus they do not call Cardinals without having the four cardinal virtues, as the work praises the master and the fruit the tree. Therefore I request that EFG would let this matter go and come to an end; where the skin and hair is not good etc. I must let something proceed since I want to take the Cardinal with me, it goes as God will,Amen. EFG to serve I am willing. Herewith be commended to God,Amen. The Day of St.Timothy (24 Jan.) 1536. EFG's willing one,Martinus Luther.

NOTA BENE:Georg Winkler, pastor in Halle, was murdered by By Cardinal Albrect.
There was a proverb if the hair and skin was not good, it could not make a good fur.
"da wird kein guter Pelz aus".There are various four cardinal virtues beginning with Plato among them; justice,fortitude,prudence, temperance. Anyone have four for four?

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