Wednesday, January 23, 2008

#2197-Melanchthon to Luther

To Doctor Martin Luther
We hope that the situation of the Prince with King Ferdinand has been resolved since Franz (Franz Burkard of Weimar) has in his letter has written very exuberantly. The Prince has writen the very same to Brueck. I,however, have seen the intrigue of Faber;however, I would hear more from Franz whom I expect today with the arrival of the Prince. Antonius, the Englishman, has arrived but I have not yet greeted him since I have been at an examination of the Anabaptists. We disputed five articles. They maintain that there is no sin in small children; it is not permitted for a Christian to administer an authoritative office or to administer an oath; they teach that all properties are common; they forbid marriage between an Anabaptist and a non-Anabaptist. These things I have exposed that they may be overcome. Greet in my name your honorable wife, D. Jonas and D.Pommer. Jena on the day of Nicholas (6 Dec.)1535.
Recently I have written to Jonas on the situation with Antonius Musa.

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