Tuesday, January 22, 2008

#2196-Elector Johann Friedrich to Luther

At the outset, our greetings. Honorable and celebrated, dear devout one! after K(ing)
W(orthy) of England has now sent his messengers to us, who also in the previous eight days arrived in Erfurt, and took care of various matters, as you no doubt have understood from Doctor Antonius, the Englishman, who was temporarily in Wittenberg and although the above messenger named above, was to take care of the matters with you and other theologians and complete the discussions; because it did not happen and because at this time our University is now at Jena, the place of Philippus Melancthon is nearby we think that such discussions could take place at this time in no better and quieter place because we are nearby Jena where the same maybe be undertaken: so it is our gracious request that you beneficially take care of matters at Jena and with Master Philip and other theologians be ready to enter discussion with the above named messengers and we have also Doctor Antonius invited to the same discussions and also hereby also have written to our Landvoigt in Saxony, Hans Metzchen to order for you such wagons and horses and also remuneration that you might without hindrance come to the place. May you reply to our letter with a good reply and do that which is pleasing to us. Dated at Schneeberg on the Monday of Nicholas (6 Dec.) 1535.

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