Monday, December 31, 2007

#2182-Melanchthon to Luther

To the venerable Herr Martin Luther, Doctor of Theology,his very dear father.
Heil! After the departure of the Prince we here have very little news; Also Christoph, the English messenger has not returned. Therefore I will write only of personal matters. There is here such a great shortage in many things so that as far as I can determine and foresee we will not be able to maintain our household this winter. Therefore and soon as we convene I advise deciding about our return. Since Cruciger and the legal scholars are also now away. We are suffering, mostly I, for for our foolishness in following out side judgment rather than our own in leaving.

Regarding your compensation Brueck has reminded the Prince. If you do not receive the same, let me know. The orders of the Prince are extraordinaily neglectful. Blank (?Plucus) does not pay us. Also the others belonging to the school(scholastici=students)from whom the school is to receive money send nothing. Therefore you can easily judge the circumstances of our situation. What can you say since the Prince is taking away people from our Academy those whose absence from the studies does not a little harm.However I will stop. You have it right well and be happy and respectfully greet your very honorable wife. On the day before Luke (17 October) Philippus.

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