Tuesday, December 18, 2007

#2181-To Caspar Huberinus in Augsburg

To the faithful disciple and servant of Christ,Caspar Huberinus, his dear brother in Christ the LOrd.
Grace and peace in Christ! Perhaps the matter about which you questioned has meanwhile been resolved especially since the messenger was delayed for so long. The messenger has fallen amongst robbers who took everything from him and left him tied to a tree. I have had many thoughts during the time since he was so long away and did not immediately come again. But now to the matter at hand. It seems to me that the Council at Augsburg has special interest in wanting you to become assistant to Maeuslin (Wolfgang)namely that therwith they would have public testimony that we are united with them in doctrine.I am not contrary to that nor does it make me angry especially in the light of newly brought about Concord. Therefore it is my honest opinion that you comply in this matter. Right now I know of nothing more to write to you since at the close of winter, as I hope, to come together in a conventicle and face to face deal with the various matters. Meanwhile, bear and endure as much as you can so that we are not a reason for hindering this newly begun friendship. God defend you and pray for me. The LOrd with His rich Spirit of blessing be with you at all times, Amen. 5 Oct.1535. Martinus Luther.
NOTE Maeuslin was a Sacramentarian.

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