Tuesday, December 18, 2007

#2179-To the City Council in Esslingen

Grace and peace in Christ. Honorable, perceptive,dear Lords and Friends! I have heartfelt joy over your letter as I note that your heart and disposition is inclined by God's grace in the same way as ours so that there is secured an end to the offense of division. Our dear LOrd establish you in such grace and you should know that,God helping me, as much as possible, in all things,I will be found without reservation since I am of such hope that God has permitted such cracks and brakes among us to test and humble us. He can, however, from the evil make everything to good as He has created everything out of nothing. Would to God thereto that there be prayer, help and consideration given so that such unity be firm and constant and the devil has his vengeance stopped who screams: Hui,Victory!
I have written the other cities and preachers to determine whether it should be necessary that we preachers of each party should gather at one place to discuss orally this matter and others. Such I offer for your consideration and you will know well how to deal with the others and let us know here. I commend you herewitht to the loving, faithful God forever, Amen. Wittenberg quinto October 1535. Your willing Martinus Luther.

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