Monday, November 12, 2007

#2162-To Melanchton in Jena

Grace and peace! Look, we are sending you the theses for the debate, good Philippus,which you kindly at our request share with the candidates of theology and at the same time invite in our name all to the debate on the named day and place. I do not believe that it is necessary for you to fix them to the doors if does not seem advisable to you since you are foreigner and it is not the place of the University. When you come however you will find them nailed to the doors in the usual way and form; then also we will cermoniously invite you to the meal although we wish to know how many of you will be coming. However the festivities will take place on the day of the Raising of the Holy Cross. We await you with joy. Now there is a different conjunction (of the stars,planets) taken over that is not harmful and for three days there has not even been a natural death ocurring. Today there was one but it had nothing to do with the Pest.
I have received nothing from the court about the meeting you indicated. Perhaps they are intentionally being secretive toward us with such great secrets and I gladly know nothing of such great secrets. D. Brueck is coming today and I will meet with him in the morning if I can. Yesterday and today I have suffered a constant diarrhea
and am weak in the body thereby so that sleep escapes me and I desire no food and we are suffering the lack of drink. I hope that I will be found better tomorrow. In the last two days I have had fifteen stool-goings. Write me whether you have choked down that letter from the Prince about which I am very disturbed for your sake (as I have written) and how it is with your health. I (as you have read) have begun to regard your ambassador with suspicion. You know that faithless and lost disciple and he has many in fellowship with him that are not dissimilar to him. The LOrd lead and support you, Amen. On the Sunday after Bartholomew (29 Aug.) 1535.
NOTE: ML in the latter is talking about the Archbishop of Halle.

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