Wednesday, November 14, 2007

#2163-To Justus Jonas

Grace and peace in Christ! I know nothing of a reply-writing to the King (of France),my dear Jonas, and since the King has not written anything it would be according to my opinion most advisable (?)(Gerathenste) that nothing will be answered to him and it will be worked out and that will also perhaps will be opportunity to answer. However, the Court (of the Elector) is wise and happy that it is a participant and we rather spectators than participating persons. Afterward it might be that they are not so wise and would be spectators rather than participants.I am beginning to be especially happy that we were despised and excluded by the Court and I interpret this happened by God's grace so that we are not mixed up in this disturbance and perhaps be sighing in the future. However, now we are sure that everything that happens there is without our knowledge and achieved already early what Demosthenes wished for late (in life?) namely that we were not drawn into governing. God confirm this, Amen.
Regarding the French envoy there is a common rumor, also according to the best men, so that I likewise do not want Philippus to travel with him. There is the susupicion that the rightful envoy might be murdered on the trip and the Papists provided by this with letters to abduct Philippus. And you know the Bishops of Mainz, Luettich, and others are the worst instruments of the devil which increases my concern for Philippus; I have written earnestly to him on this matter. "The world is of the devil, and the devil is the world." My disciple in Halle I consider very suspiciously already on the basis that the commentary on the letter to the Romans
which Philipppus dedicated to him he stamped under his feet with frightful curses. "He has St.Velten on the neck" and many other evils but there is lacking enough that he is not through these punishments and damages led to confession and self-knowledge but daily becomes worse; perhaps because he is disgruntled (according to the wisdom of the devil) that God does not grant, do and suffer as much as his rage desires. That's enough on that.
For the rest the new future doctors summon you by this letter and request that you come to the debate and lead the promotion in that you execute the office of Promoter.We would would give to you a speech on the praise of theology but fear that Roscius would ridicule us if we were a spectator. Yet, often a cabbage-gardener can speak in an acceptable way. We would be pleased if you would put forward the point that theology is as such: if in this life through various arts everything in visible or hidden ways is established on must yet at the end when one must die and wander from the exceedingly beautiful and happy and lovely theatre of this life then, nevertheless, one must seek, call upon this poor, needy, despised crib in Bethlehem and such people will not be helped in now way by their crowns, majesties,lordships,arts, and gifts. There you have a spark for the tinder. Be it well with you in Christ. On the first day of September Anno 1535. Your Martin Luther,D.
NOTE:Rosicus was famous Roman actor (126-62 B.C.). He accumulated a great fortune as an actor. Introduced masks and disguises for though handsome he had a squint. Previously wigs were worn according to the encyclopedias. Today up and coming talented actors are called "young Rosicus".

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