Sunday, November 11, 2007

#2160-To Justus Jonas

Grace and peace in Christ! I am wishing you happiness that is a happy outcome regarging your health and that, would to God ,another stone there be found for your stone or rather a Pest by which it might die within you. We do not sing: "In the midst of life we are bound by death," rather, "Midst death we are in full life" since here there is nothing more of death or corpses than what has been since Adam according to the common fate of the entire world. If you go to Torgau, I request that you deliver or send this song to that unjust and unruly offcial (exactori) Marcus, the wine-pourer (Vinario),since I have no other messenger.
Hartmuth von Kronberg is here with me seeking his sister, that foreign woman (as you know)who is with us; more on that later. I am wondering why Pommer delays to come to us since he has been almost eight days in the surroundings of Wittenberg and I do not know where he has held up. I am sending to you as the Visitor the case of a certain Kirchner as you will see; I have written for the Kirchner in Jessen. I am busy with the points of the theses and setting-up the matters for the Doctor-promotion. The festivity (aula) will be set for September 14th and the Debate four days previous. You will be called at the right time. Be it well with you and pray for me. Greet all of yours. On the Tuesday of Bartholomew (August 24) Anno 1535. Your Martin Luther.

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