Friday, November 09, 2007

#2159-To Justus Menius in Eisenach

(Se#2152 for further info on this case)
Grace and peace! I have kept your letter, my lear Justus, and hope that Herr Hartmuth of Kronberg will be there before this messenger returns to you. I have dealt with Hartmuth with the utmost effort for the woman, and he, as a man of his word, has promised me such things which I hope means the woman has the best advice. And I hope to God that the woman has confided everything to me what she has confided to others;perhaps there could have been advice sooner. I as one who has been often deceived by alleged (fictas) nuns and magnificent whores must be careful and take consideration for my danger otherwise I would have received her with fitting honor and deliverd her to her relatives. That Jew, her seducer, has a very bad name as do his parents and I also believe that he was rightfully slain.If she is still there by you when you receive this letter may you in my name comfort the woman and impress the brother that he should be mindful of my protection and yes, of his own promises for the woman. I am now convinced by the facts that she is a very good woman and yet the case is extremly regrettable. Christ comfort her.
We are in the midst of life in death; our Pest is made great without measure, although there is no one death more unusual than at all times. When a child departs, immediately it is said to be because of the Pest. The devil has mocked us by several deaths which for two months by a conagious illness tricked us. Meanwhile there is such peace as could be anywhere where there are dying. Be it well with you and pray for me.On the day of St. Bartholomew (2 4 August. 1535. Your Martin Luther.

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