Wednesday, November 07, 2007

#2158-To Jacob Probst in Bremen

To Herr Jakob Probst, Praepositus in Bremen.
Grace and peace in Christ! Since this our Johann, a very good and very dear brother is going down to you in the lower part of the earth I could not release him without a letter although there is nothing that I might write outside of a greeting. The rest is either known to you or you can hear it richly and reliably from this Johann. Concord is strived for between us and the Sacramentarians at least with great hope and longing. May Christ complete it as upright and graciously take away this great offense so that it is not necessary that it is done away with by force as that was taken away in the case of Muenster. God crowned the Kaiser with a great victory at sea against the allies of the Turks in Africa. I have become very old, not in years,but relative to ability hardly ever qualified for work before the middle of the day. Pray for me that I may have a blessed home-going from this very bad world and be it well with all of yours. My Kaethe and Margaretha, your god-child, greet you. Wittenberg on the day before Bartholomew (23 August)Anno 1535. Your Martin Luther.
Here the Pest rules or rather it rages. Since never before in a single your have there been fewer deceased while never has there been a greater outcry about the Pest.Thus Satan ridicules us.
NOTES; North is down and south is up in Deutschland. Praepositus is elder, superintendent, or formerly Propst=leader in the external affairs of the cathedral church.
Often in the early to mid-thirties Luther expected to die. The city of
Muenster was captured and the Anabaptist mischief ended on June 25. (Editors)

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