Thursday, October 11, 2007

#2149-Elector Johann Friedrich to Luther

First of all, our greetings. Respectable, dear devout one! After we have given fitting answer to your petitions for Caplan Johann Mantel and Hieronymous Weller we have thought it should in these areas of our land be made known that we want to be further gracious to you and have consented according to your petition that the vacated income from the grant (i.e."Lehen" =use of land in reward for knightly service to the Prince) to Caplan Mr.Peter Jueterbock should be for life. We give also to you the order herewith that the above should be enacted which you will know well how to deliver to him. Also that Hieronymous Weller should no longer be denied the outstanding money we are sending the 40 Gulden which you will know well how to secure to him. We do not want to keep from our gracious opinion of you and are inclined to be gracious to you. Dated on the Tuesday after the Vinicula Petri (3 August) 1535.

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