Monday, October 15, 2007

#2150-To Johann Friedrich, Elector in Saxony

Grace and peace in Christ and my poor Paternoster. Illustrious, high-born Prince, most gracious Lord! I am sending ECFG back again the the new printed newspaper and have perceived everything with delight and happiness and want also my poor Paternoster (upon which I depend in every need)with all the dear homes which are called Christian and also are Christian and who are faithfully placed under him that God the Father of all mercy and consolation who has begun His work in the good man would further it to a blessed end, Amen. And I thank ECFG that he has shared such a happy newspaper with me.

We are here in great danger of death so that I marvel that I cannot yet determine who they are who have in such great number died. Everything might be called Pestilenz where there was sickness in the previous year and the number of sick would be more and greater. Previously there has not been ever been yet where twenty or more children were baptized while at the same time one or two died in the week in addition perhaps an old sick man reckoned among the dead.

If we can be so bold and undertake to make Hieronymous Weller and M.Johann Medler, the Caplan of the Markgrafess, to be Doctors I obediently request that ECFG would gracious recommend by letter or command that wild game would be delivered from Lochau. We have determined to make the two Doctors before St.Michael's (Sept.29) and send them to the Mark Meiessen so far as God wills to the extent that death does not knock and defy us.

My weather-vane (in the form of a rooster) has also gone away not out of the fear of death ( I think) but for the sake of his father (as is right). We have room enough in the city, praise God, but I do hope it will become better. I commend herewith ECFG. Christ be with ECFG blessedly here and there, Amen. The Day of St. Donatus (August 7) 1535. ECFG's obedient Martin Luther,D.

NOTES: In 2141 ML refers to Hans Metszch as his "rooster weather vane" who can smell the plague coming from miles away.

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