Wednesday, September 19, 2007

#2132-Stephan Roth to Luther

Salvation in the LOrd. Scholarly Doctor and, in Christ, beloved father! Master Leonhard Beier,our pastor, has shown me your letter wherein you yet consider me to be banned. My heart was highly astounded as I read the same because I thought for a long time that I was reconciled with Your Worthiness in that my repentance was known to you for two years from my letter as also the pleas of several friends and women. If the matter stands thus, as your letter indicates, I request of you for the sake of Christ that you lift and modify the ban until the public officials are permitted to visit your Worthiness which I hope will be in a short time. So that meanwhile I can have a restful heart I plead very thatyou will console with one word or another. I cannot suffer that Your Worthiness is in the slightest way disturbed with me to say nothing that you would be angry with me or think something evil of me. I am not as many have suggested to Your Worthiness. God and my conscience are my witnesses. Bernhard Ziegler is very sick with the gout. May it be well with your wife and dear children in Christ, our Savior to Whom pray for me a poor sinner unceasingly. Given on the 7th of June in the year 1535. Stephanus Rodt

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