Wednesday, September 19, 2007

#2131-Recommendation Letter for Theobald Diedelhuber

I Martin Luther, Doctor and Preacher of the Gospel in the church in Wittenberg, plead for the sake of Christ, our Hope, and would that every brother in Christ, especially to the Pastors and Servants of the Word and the churches to whom the bearer and presenter of this letter, Herr Theobald Diedelhuber, who is near us in our land a faithful and energetic Pastor, comes to you or requests advice because of need on his journey that you would express love to him or fulfil the law of Christ since he is worthy and if my witness in Christ means anything you would be honoring Christ Himself in one of the least of His members. He has right and necessary reasons for his journey and I,myself, approve. The grace of Christ sei mit euch allen. Given at Wittenberg on the day before Pentecost (15 May)Anno 1535 with my seal and my own handwriting as witnesses.
NOTE: With names like DIEDELHUBER AND THEOBALD he can hardly lose, right?

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