Monday, September 24, 2007

#2133-To Justus Menius in Eisenach

To his very dear brother Justus Menius, the very faithful and energetic Pastor in Eisenach.
Grace and peace in Christ! I am very sorry, my dear Justus, about that old man Thomas,and much more marvel over your synpathetic talk (misericordias) which fills your letter and yet you all agreed to set him aside. I have not researched or asked about the reason; I have little difficulty enduring his uttering several petty things and easily tolerate that others engage in slander. There is now no position vacant here. For this reason I have sent him for awhile to his children but still I want him to be paid from the church-treasury or something from elsewhere from you so that he is not bare and needy put out. You can easily imagine if we accepted all the exiles from the provinces in this very needy city (we ourselves are barely nourished here and should we send to you those with whom we are burdened) what would happen. You take care that you care for your own land and do not exempt yourself from the burden which you want to put on us. If I can do something I will gladly do so but you and Captain Eberhard take care meanwhile that Thomas is not in danger of hunger as he has suffered enough from that dishonor. You have there the inheritance of Draco if nothing else with which he can be nourished.

I do believe that the Office of Visitation is difficult for you but you also should believe on the other hand that also for me the business of every Visitiation is difficul so that I could in great exasperation wish that all evil ones in our churches were Papists. We must suffer so many offenses and it is not possible to dispose of every evil. Thus I have learned the meaning of the ancient proverb: The rule of souls is an art above all arts; yes, a concern above all concerns, and burden above all burdens. However, because Christ bears us and our weakness we must likewise bear the weakness, offenses of the world, the devil, yes also God Himself,and also the little ones on the shoulders of the Christ-bearer (Christophorus). Be it well with you and pray for me. On June 7 1535. Your Martin Luther.
NOTES: Eisenach the stomping grounds on ML in his early days and also stayed at the Wartburg above Eisenach following the Diet of Worms. Eisenach is the birthplace of J.S. Bach, a Luther fan.

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