Thursday, August 16, 2007

#2125-To Frau Dorothea Joerger

Grace and peace in Christ. Virtuous,honorable, dear Frau! Mr Andreas has requested of me that he might not come to you without a writing from me. Here his body will not tolerate the air and he is forced to go away; he can very tell you about all circumstance. It goes as the the Scripture says: some hunger,others are drunken; with
you there is hunger and thrist for the Word of God but by us they are so satiated and sick of it (among many) that it must vex God. Well, the world is the world and God help all of us. Your alms (praise God) have helped many good people to persue the Scriputre eagerly; since many are driven from their lands on account of the Word and by us have bread and water and are happy that they have books and also at times can buy a little clothing for which your alms serve. Christ our LOrd is pleased that He has imparted this to your heart. With me it is as Mr. Andreas will tell you, once strong, once weak, once happy, once glum. Christ is , however, at all times the LOrd and wants, should, and must remain so, Amen. Mr. Michel Stiefel again has a parish and is better off than previously. Christ,our dear LOrd, protect, strengthen, and prepare you and all of yours for his blessed coming Day together with us all. We very much wish that it would come soon since the world wants to become exceedingly evil. It help us to pray against the same world. On the Thursday after Ambrose (8April) 1535. Martinus Luther,D.
NOTE: Stiefel, the inventor of logrithms and predicter of the end of the world was sheltered at various times by Frau Joerger.

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