Friday, August 17, 2007

#2126-To D. Johann Carlo

(ML jokes with Carlo on his promotion to Doctor of Astronomy and Medicine. ML calls Carlo "Charon" the transporter of passengers on the rivers of Hades.A lecturer once said that he served so long that he deserved the title Pfalzgraf. Sabinus was to become the son-in-law of Melanchton in 1536.
Carlo was evidently a very heavy man.)

To the skillful and highly-delicious man, the Herr Johann Carlo, Doctor of Astronomy and Medicine, his upright and beloved friend.
Grace and peace in Christ! Your letter was acceptable to me, good Charon,and that, the good man of whom you have written I can demonstrate nothing other than my favor to him and that I give him my best wishes as he has given to me and at the same time those of that Pfalsgraf Georg Sabinus who perhaps likewise will write to you. I wish not simply happiness to you in that you have been exalted to the Doctor-dignity (Wuerde) but also to that Pfalsgraf (Palatino) that he has promoted to Doctor such a great (heavy?)and highly-developed and grand person. Beleive me, in the future he will make few doctors of such weight (Groesse) and grandeur. Charon (when you come to the bank of his river) will marvel and fear that because of the heaviness of such a great Doctor it may be damaging as to either break-up or sink the little boat belonging to the Shadow-kingdom. Or surely you being the greatness of such a heavy Doctor will have to pay a great travel fee. Therefore see to it that he who made you such a great Doctor would also provide you with a great salary and God grant that it be such a salary ( entirely in gold) because you are such a massive Doctor. So then you will also be confident with Charon who for the most part is very greedy that you may richly reward him to say nothing of paying the travel fee. This I have done joking with you because you also appeared to be joking in your letter. Commend me to your young Prince since I do not know what kind of wind his father (Elector Joachim of Brandenburg) will blow toward me. Be it well with you in the LOrd, my dear Charon and pray for me. 1535 on the Tuesday after Misericordias (13 April). Martin Luther, D.
The salt-fish sent along with your letter have been received by my Lord Kaethe and she marvels over the multitude of them and says:D.Speratus,the great Bishop, has sent a very great cask of fish. I said to her: and they were sent by the great man Charon. So she said: today everything is great.

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