Thursday, August 09, 2007

#2122-To Johann Friedrich, Elector in Saxony in collaboration with Melanchto

Illustrious,high-born Elector and Lord! At the outset we assure ECFG of our poor service in obedience. Most gracious Elector and Lord! ECFG has indication in these writings of Andreas Junius of Altenburg that he has graciously been supplied for two years twenty-two Fl. from the Scholasterei in Altenburg for his studies.Now he requests obediently an extension of this gracious help and has sought us to be a witness of his studies and character to that end. Since he is now poor , very quiet and chaste and especially because he is more exercised in debate than the other students we obediently request ECFG to extend and increase his stipend and because of his industry and chaste way of life is known one hopes that he perhaps would be used in a Christian office since he intends to study theology. May God the Almighty graciously reward the alms of ECFG and protect and preserve ECFG at all times. Date at Witteberg on the Tuesday after Oculi (2 March)Anno 1535. ECFG's obedient servants Martinus Luther,D., Philippus Melanchton.

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