Thursday, July 19, 2007

#2113-To a Composer

(Kaethe says she hopes the Composer will take this jest (Scherz) of ML in a good way.
I am not sure that I have translated it as intended especially about the pigs and sausages so check it out with the experts.)
Grace and peace in Christ. I, to be sure, have been slow enough with my thankfulness,my dear good friend,for your good willed heart which you have demonstrated with your Canticle and Porsdorfe (?). However, Hieronymous Weller is my witness how often I had the good intention to write but always lacked a message. Please consider that I am of the best of intentions; in truth I believe that you meant it for good for me from your heart and I in return would gladly do no differently as much as I am able. We sing as well as are able at table and afterward. If we are pigs (Saeue) as we do, it is to be sure not your fault but our talent is very slight even after we sing it over two or three times. Virgil sings that we are not all alike. And even if all Composers do well we can go further in our seriousness and sing it badly enough. We are followed by every regimen in the entire world : they permit God and good sense to compose and order good things but they sing also as it were worthy of a shop of worthtless sausages from pigs or a hammer on a field bell. Therefore may composers take it in the best way if we make like pigs with your songs. We would well want to be accurate than make a mistake.
Such a jest as this my Kaethe hopes will be taken in the best way and wants (me) to greet you in a very friendly way. Herewith be commended to God. 1535 on the day of Prisca (18 January). Mart.Luther,D.

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