Thursday, July 19, 2007

#2111-Elector Johann Friedrich to Luther

Dear devout one! The celebrated, our dear trusted one, Master Philipp Melanchton, has on his return from our cousin and brother, the Landgraf, made a report here at Weimar on the dealings between him and Bucer of Strassburg on the article of the most worthy Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ, our Savior, which was achieved at Cassel and also the article was agreed to and to be taught by the above named Bucer and others which was previously supported by evangelical sermons on the Sacrament and the same is put forth as you will see by the enclosed list. Since the matter is great and important we in no way not it to thought that we would want anything permitted contrary to God and a good conscience and done without any offense: thus it is our gracious request to you that you listen to the report of Master Philipp and you look at and ponder the enclosed list of particulars and give us your opinion as to whether there is anything in such article as listed which you agree to or regard as objectionable (text is corrupt here)or not. So that we may give our cousin and brother, the Landgraf, an apt written answer, we have ordered our celebrated Counselor and dear faithful one, Gregorious Brueck,Doctor, to speak frienly with you on our behalf; that (we) are eager to hear. We are inclined toward you favorably and with all good . Date at Weimar on the Tuesday after Epiphany (January 12) 1535.

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