Thursday, July 19, 2007

#2114-To Caspar Aquila, Pastor in Salfeld

Grace and peace! M.Philippus writes our opinion on the marriage-case which you, good
Aquila, submitted to us. For the rest about your book which you enclosed you have written nothing to me; I leave it to our Erasmus. Our printers find it difficult to determine that they will print a book when they do not have the certain hope or are at least almost certain that they may sell it as soon as possible. They complain that the outlay burdens them and therefore I do not venture to burden them further unless they themselves are ready to publish so I have concluded not to bring something up to anyone. Many people send much here daily without thinking of our poverty and that we are overloaded with projects as if we have as much leisure as they to publish, to correct, to change, to make additions and also to sell so that your confident expectations about us displease as though we have nothing to do than to peruse your book, revise and alter when we are overloaded with ours that we can scarcely catch our breath. Therefore do not take it badly that I herein keep silence. On the day of Fabian (20 Jan)Anno 1535. Martin Luther,D.
nOTE: No doubt this is Saalfeld

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