Wednesday, July 18, 2007

#2110-To Anton Lauterbach in Leisnig

To the very dear brother in the LOrd,M.Antoniius Lauterbach, the faithful and clear servant of Christ in Leisnig.
Grace and peace! You know, my dear Antonius,that the circles of visitation are so divided that I have no authority in your region. For that reason we are able to do nothing beyond admonishing. Therefore, if you cannot do anything, bring the matter to the Prince since up to now our admonishments have not accomplished anything. If the Prince should commend the matter to us then we would be clothed with authority and do what we can. I have great sorrow over the divisions and offenses. Yet God will resolve the same.

There is a nun by you, the wife of Georg Schmid, Christina of Honsberg, who is in misery. I wanted to send her a gulden but I am cognizant of the great unfaithfulness of the messengers( once they lose the money, or again it is stolen etc.) so I do not want to entrust it to them. Thus I request that you procure it from elsewhere in my name; I will be faithful in repaying it. If you can do nothing else, speak to M. Augustin in Colditz about it that he take care to procure the gulden from my Wolfgang which was to fall due on Wallpurgis and he will afterwards have it returned. My Kaethe is sending to the same Christine this "Katigsman" (catechism?) which she requested.The LOrd be with you and yours,Amen. Greet your Agnes and all the beloved lambs in the purity of the faith. On the Friday after Epiphany (8 January)1535. Your Martin Luther,D.

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