Monday, July 16, 2007

#2109-To Elector Johann Friedrich in Saxony

G.u.F. (Grace and peace)in Christ. Most gracious Lord! In obedient confidence I request ECFG to present to me two Gulden which I want to and must give to the poor man Mr. Johann Kolbe in Herzberg for the sake of God as his misery and tears at such an age have deeply moved me. He met me in Torgau. I do not know how it is that neither Visitor nor Sequestator nor yet official people have not previously helped the poor people so that their needs finally come to an end since now such alms are not great and do not last long. May ECFG receive my bold writing in a good way. That is mercy. ECFG's obedient Mart.Luther,D.
NOTE: No date on this but Burkhardt thinks 1535.

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