Thursday, May 31, 2007

#2096-To Joachim Prince in Anhalt

To the illustrious,high-born Prince and Lord, Lord Joachim, Prince in Anhalt, Graf in Ascanien,and Lord in Bernburg, my gracious Lord.
Grace and peace in Christ. Illustrious, high=born Prince,Gracious one!(Gnadiger).
Almighty God had presented to me this hour through my dear Kaethe a young daughter.Now previously I promised to request EFG concerning the Christ office of spiritual fatherhood; therefore I request for Christ's sake EFG would not deem the humble service burdensome and be helpful in bringing the poor heathen out of her sinful, deathly birth into the new,holy,blessed rebirth through the holy bath of Baptism. And because it is now cold and inclement weather for the body of EFG I want to spare EFG's own person and have him stay home and from there or from Dessau give the order. M. Philippus and M. Franscus are not natives. What would please EFG you know well how to carry out. God will repay and what I know is humbly deserving for this I am responsible and duty bound to perform. Tomorrow I am happy to have the baptism. Christ be with eFG blessedly,Amen. On the Thursday after Lucia (17 Dec.) 1534. EFG's willing Martinus Luther,D.
NOTES: Don't understand the reference to the nativity of Melanchton and Franscus except that perhaps you had to be a resident of Saxony-Anhalt to be a sponsor. Any ideas?
The office of god-father is spoken of by ML as "humility" in deference to a Prince I assume. See next letter to Joachim.
Joachim was recently ill.See #2092. #2086 to Hausmann in Dessau tells of a new-born Prince in Anhalt. Who will be his godfather?

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