Saturday, May 26, 2007

#2095-To Justus Jonas

I wish you happiness,my dear Jonas now that the stones (Gallstones?) have finally gone through. Would to God that they would never more return or come in again,Amen. However, also I want to announce to you that to me today around the 12th hour by God's grace the third (Margaretha) daughter is born. I have asked the illustrious Lord Joachim of Anhalt to be god-father (Catechistam) but I do not know whether the Court would accept us. I wish very much, however, that you either at breakfast or for the evening meal would come together if you are healthy enough. I do believe that M.Georg has brought to you my opinion which I handed over to Phillip. The more I think about it the more disheartened am I about this doubtful union about which there are so many differences among us. And it has been written to me that the Duke of Wuertemberg has Blauer (Ambrosius)as his darling. If that is true, what can we hope from the rest of Germany? On the 17th of December 1534. Your Martin Luther.
NOTE: In a later letter ML will approve of Blauer's efforts toward unity. What's most on ML's mind the negotiations with the Zwinglians or his dear family? When I was four I was dying of pneumonia and my father said that when he left for church I was turning blue and he didn't think he would see my alive again. Guess the church comes first, right? No doubt about it.
ML says in the Table Talks that Gallstones is an illness pecuilar to the Germans and Zipperlein for the English. Was ist Zipperlein.

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