Thursday, May 31, 2007

#2097-To Joachim Prince in Anhalt

To the illustrious, high-born Prince and Lord, Lord Joachim, Prince of Anhalt,Graf in Ascanien and Lord in Berneburg, my Gracious Lord.
Grace and peace in Christ. Illustrious,high-born Prince,gracious Lord! I thank very much Your F.G. for the humility you have so graciously demonstrated in the Christian work for my new person (Menchen=Margaratha) in Christ,Amen. However, EFG has done well and prevented much concern in that you yourself have not betook yourself in such hard weather (to come?) lest it might have been too acute and rough on EFG's body. My gn.(gracious) )Princes and Lords,P.(Prince)Johann and P. Georg etc., I wish God's grace in my poor pater nostre together with the whole line,branches and fruits, and EFG please take audacious request in the best way and in Christ live joyfully and blessedly,Amen. XIX December 1534. EFG's willing D. Martinus Luther.
NOTE: Three brothers rule as Princes in Anhalt.
ML calls the newborn and recently baptized daughter Margaretha "meinen neuen Menchen"=my new human in Christ. Guess ML was thinking it was a condescension (Demuth = humility)for a Prince to consent to being Margaretha sponsor. ML still say Lord's Prayers for individuals?

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