Tuesday, April 24, 2007

#2083-To Landgraf Philipp von Hessen

To the illustrious, high-born Prince and Lord, Philipp, Landgraf in Hess, Graf in Katznelbogen, my gracious Lord.
Grace and peaceof God in Christ. Illustrious, high-born Prince! I have received EFG's writing wherein EFG desire that I should take into deep and Christian consideration the matter of the Sacrament so that there may be an durable unity between us and the upper-land prachers. Now, to be sure, EFG knows well that I at all times have the greatest desire to have unity, as we are vexed (and the reign of Christ damaged) enough by the over-powering of the Papists which is made stronger by disunity,so that, at long last, they would be humbled even if could only be achieved with EFG and Bucer and his and they might not in addition be inclined to go further (with us?)or not; I also would gladly have that if it is open to my conscience. Dear God, I come to the matter with difficulty, which others, not I, have begun and think that among the upper-land pastors there are few who follow Bucer and afterward might cry out against both (of us?).My heart wants nothing more than a durable unity; however,if its basis is shaky and uncertain, all faitfhfulness (to it?) will be lost. How I can help and advise EFG herein I plead ,for the sake of God ,to continue. If I can do something against the Papists bloodhounds and murderers, who cannot and will not cease until they have destroyed Christ or are therby by laid low, there will never be lacking any of my poor prayers, actions, speaking and writing. Christ, our LOrd, strengthen EFG to do His will in the grace of His Church to the anger of the Papist, Amen, Amen. In Wittenberg on the Sunday after Gallus (17 Oct.)MDXXXIV. EFG's willing D. Martinus Lutherus.

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