Friday, April 20, 2007

#2082a-Landgraf Philipp von Hesse to ML

Since the splintering that ocurred over the Sacrament our Christian faith has brought great disturbance and disadvantage and apparently continues, God protect and defend that in the Oberlands (uplands) the zealous position does not arise and awaken a great shedding of blood: becasue now the portion of the upland preachers and especially Bucer have made and stated their confession one would think it unnecessary that there should be continued schism or quarrel since among all parties everywhere Christ and one faith is confessed so we want to lay upon you our gracious desire that you would this matter, which prevails everywhere, take Christian and faithful consideration that a standing unifying evaluation of the same article might be brought forth and harmoniously agreed to; in order to bring this same thing about we will not spare any effort, cost or labor and we are favorably inclined toward you. We have also put forward likewise our disposition to Bucer and the other Oberland preachers. Dat. To M.Luther

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