Saturday, April 28, 2007

#2084-To the Council in Herford

To the respecatable and wise Lords,Mayor and Council in Hervord in Westphalia, my favored Lords and Friends.
Gratiam et pacem etc. Respectable,wise, dear Lords! I have often and from many learned of the troubling of the Fratres und Sisters (monks and nuns) among you by several
hasty and heady men saying that if they continue in their present estate they cannot be saved; though while they have done away with every horror of the Pope they yet, in Christian freedom, maintain their ancient garments and identity and lead an orderly and disciplined life and according to the apostolic teaching labor with their hands: I could well wish, as God grants the grace, that there would be many more such people who are not harmful but useful because they are adherents of the Gospel. In additon I hear that that they should be burdened with the public schools office and care though they are not yet of anyone constituted nor by no one given taxes as do the institutions and cloisters and that this is thought of as just;it is also not right that they must purchase from those whom they serve and not have anything given so they must work and pay money in addition. Accordingly it is my faithful admonition that Your Wisdom may not trouble the pious people so that your city gets, as already, the reputation of seeking the labor and property of outsider (fremder) people so that you properly instituionalize such schools. I have previously written that in time counsel will be found which words I hear have been taken to mean that henceforth the issue must be forced but the words mean that time itself will determine whether they remain as they are or voluntarily change (their manner of life?). I plead for the sake of Christ that E.W.(Your Wisdom) would help so there is not an occasion to speak evil of the Gospel. There is already unfortunately everywhere too much offense given by those who report evil of our Gospel so we should well earnestly consider how its glory may abide. Though all things are well by you it is still not perfect. Herewith be commended to God. Saturday after Luke (24 October) 1534. Martinus Luther,D.
Note: The day of Luke the Evangelist is October 18.

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