Thursday, April 05, 2007

#2080-To Fredrich Myconius in Gotha

To his very dear brother in Christ, Her Friedrich Myconius,the very faithful servant of the church in Gotha.
Salvation and peace in Christ! Though I am held up by a head cold and coughing and rightly should not be writing and cannot write much I do yet want to answer your friendly letter with scribbling and confused (liturando et delirando) talk. Your present of chees (caseaceum) was very agreeable to me especially because you are acceptable and not only are you acceptable but also thankful and for this reason your thankfulness is acceptable. I do not doubt that you are also acceptable to Christ since you are very grateful. These days thankfulness is a very rare bird and thus is he who is acceptable to God. Christ preserve you in His knowledge and acknowledgement and also likewise in confession and true thankfulness. Pray for me. be it right well with you with all of yours. The 23 of September1534. Your Martin Luther.
NOTE: The Editors say that ML is playing with the word "gratus" using it once in the sense of agreeable or acceptable and then thankful. Probably similarly having fun with 'knowledge','acknowledge', and 'confess'- Erkenntnis,Anerkennung,Bekenntnis.For gratus as pleasing: Acts 7:20-Moses was exceedingly fair; For gratus as thankful:Colossians 3:15-And be ye thankful!

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