Tuesday, April 03, 2007

#2079-To Johann Agricola

Grace and peace! You have done us a favor by sending, my dear Agricola,the letter of Cochalaeus. Though we by the Spirit know well how to be a judge that they are possessed by Satan there is a great crowd who think and receive it as something fine so it is better that through their own announcement that this brought out in the open.We will publish the same with comments since it has not been obtained by thievery, as once mine was by Duke Georg, but brought to us by the blowing wind (flante spiritu). I am forced not to write much because of having little to eat. Greet all of ours,mainly your Elsa and children in my and Kaethe's name whom, in my opinion, is now carrying the fourth little son. Year 1534 on the day before the birth of Mary (7 Sept.).Your Martin Luther.
NOTE: Seems like a letter of Cochlaeus comforting Wicel on the dissolution of his marriage was blown out of Wicel's window. He was telling Wicel not to publicly end the marriage but to conceal the disrupted relationship. ML was taking cae of a copy of the letter. Likely it was published by Cordatus and comparing the deal to the betrayal of Judas Iscariot for 30 pieces of silver. Check the Latin as mine is limited.
ML presumed that Kaethe was bearing a fourth son. Margaretha was born on 17 December 1534. No sonograms in his day.

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