Monday, April 02, 2007

#2078-To Wenceslaus Link in Nuernberg

To the very revered brother, Doctor Wenceslaus Link, the very faithful servant of the Word in Nuernberg.
Grace and peace! Now I have nothing to write ,my dear Wenceslaus, beyond the matter of requesting that these young people, mainly Peter Weller and Heinrich Schneidewein ,be commended to you. They desire nothing; they are traveling to Italy to study law and I presume also in order to see Hans von Jena. They have already been for several years my table-colleagues,very agreeable men, if you are amiable with them, that is, when you make it possible for them, as much as possible, that they see Nuerberg, both inwardly and outwardly, and that you satisfy their desire to see Hans von Jena which they want most of all. You will therefore make every effort that our friends are welcomed by you. You can trust them confidently as much as you do me and truly be pleasantly cheerful with them. Be it right well with you in the LOrd. Likewise say the same to the very dear Herr Osiander. Since I have so many letters to write I have not time to write to him even a little nor to write also to you extensively. On 2 September 1534. Martin Luther.
NOTE: For Hans von Jena or the Schnapphans see below. The head above the clock, on the hour, had a golden apple extended on a stick to its mouth but never snatches it.The clock was originally on the tower of the Rathaus but now is in the city museum. The tradition was that if ever Hans snatched the apple Jena would be destroyed. Schiller and Goethe probably enjoyed the spectacle too.

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