Tuesday, March 27, 2007

#2074-To Justus Menius in Eisenach

To th e worthy man Justus Menius,the faithful servant of Christ in the church of Eisenach, his very faithful (friend?) in the LOrd.
Grace and peace in Christ! Finally Hieronymous sends a letter and words of his reliability, as it were, of an unworthy sinner. You, my dear Justus, bring it about that he is justified through the grace and present of the Prince. This messenger is reliable and trustworthy so that you can entrust the gift for safekeeping (depositum) to one whom you know can be trusted. Previously we lacked a messenger in whom we were confident that he could be depended upon. It comes upon you to also proclaim this article of the Gospel to the poor as much as you. It would be insulting for me further to write about your trustworthiness.
We rejoice that the Landgraf (of Wuerttemberg)has returned after the matters are well-disposed of and peace has been obtained. God is revealed as the cause thereof who contrary to our expectations and all our fears has turned into peace.HE who has begun it will bring it to fruition, Amen. Be it well with you and pray for me. On the Tuesday after Margaretha (14 July) 1534. Your Martin Luther.
NOTE: See #'s 2041 and 2050 for the beneficient of the Prince from the priestly income of the Wartburg for Weller to continue his studies at Wittenberg.ML is playing a little on the grace of justification which Justus would well understand.

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