Monday, March 26, 2007

#2072-Inheritance Contract among the Luther sisters and brothers r

Let it be known to everyone to whom this my handwriting appears that before me here in Wittenberg has appeared my dear brother Jakob Luther, citizen of Mansfeld and my dear brother-in-law and cousin, Paul Mackenrot and Georg Kaufmann, and among one another a friendly, stable contract has been entered into and established regarding the property of our dear sainted father,Hans Luther, namely, and in the following manner: that Jacob Luther takes altogether the same property and pays back everyone their portion with our consent, me Doctor Martin, on behalf of Hans Polner, and his brother and sister, and harmoniously consider it as worth 1350 gulden and that each child should receive 350 gulden of the above named property of our dear father. And Jacob Luther should now as of the date of this letter pay 200 gulden and afterward at this time of the year annually pay 200 gulden also until the other inheritors are satisfied and if should be left up to him whether he wants or might now or on any day pay off. We also regard as good that Paul Mackenrot, according to his position and necessity, be the first to receive his portion and afterward Georg Kaufmann also for reason of need. Because then all of us here think such to be good we appeal to our other brother and sister, cousin (male cousin) and cousin (female cousins), would permit the same and be pleased so that disfavor and complaints be taken away which we also herewith have smoothed over and want everything to have died which is not proper for blood-relations, brotherly, friendly,Christian, and loving and supporting one another. Done on the 10th of July 1534. Amen. D. Martinus Luther, by his own hand.

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