Sunday, February 18, 2007

#2053-To Leonhard Beier in Zwickau

Grace and peace in Christ!My dear brother, Leonhard, I trust your appeal and your witness about your co-worker,Stanislaus, and thus easily pardon. I hope that he will not deceive either you or me. However, I reserve being reconciled to the Muhlpfortische sect, not as though they cannot go to heaven without me,as Christ wants, but because I cannot burden my conscience with their security, although Christ,apart from and without me, can do everything (over which I rejoice). Yet because as you yourself know I have been insulted and I cannot bear the sins of those who do not think they are sins.

Do not be concerned about my book. I have written about the private-masses against the Papist, rather against the abomination, not against ours. Who can anticipate every slander? I have wanted nothing less than that the Papists should be defended by my book. There would be no end if one should try to answer every single word. Whoever is not looking for a brief summary (summam) or is not troubled by the matter (what one calls "Intention") I could not suffice by any book. Be it well with you and pray for me. 1534. Monday after Cantate.94 May). Your Martin Luther.

NOTE: Sebastian is Sebastian Hofmann.

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