Wednesday, February 14, 2007

#2051-To Frau Dorothea Joerger

Grace and peace in Christ. Honorable, virtuous Frau! I advise for your knowledge that, praise God, your alms have been very well invested and helped many poor so that I do not doubt that God Who inspired you to do the same in order that He publicly might demonstrate that He is well please with a dear thankoffering in that you confess and value the grace which He has given you through His dear Son Jesus Christ. God strengthen you in firm faith and continue the work which He has begun blessedly, Amen. I myself had not known and would not have believed that in this little city and poor school so many pious and talented fellows there are who throughout the year were nourished by bread and water and suffered frost and cold that they might study the Holy Scriptures and God's Word and for whom your alms have begun a great object of praise and revival. I have already dispersed over half of it and writings initialed have been received show that it is from upright fellow and not dissolute boobs. This I did not want to keep from you so that you might know how it goes and stands with your money. To Andreas I have give the most over others once 10 Fl. and then again 10 Fl; among others 2,3,and 4 Fl. with the advice of good friends and all are happy and thankful. For recognition is sent this enclosed pamphlet done by Michel Stiefel whom I have given 10 Fl. since he is without a parish
and he greets you very much. Christ be with you and all of yours, Amen. On the Monday after Jubilate [27 April] 1534. Martinus Luther,D.
NOTE: It's Stiefel's own fault for predicting the end of the world many years too soon.

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