Sunday, February 18, 2007

Letter to Leo X on Treatise on Liberty 1519

FA498 The clear presentation of the thought of the liberty of a Christian man occurs at the close of the Tessaradecas. In the Babylonian Captivity Luther had promised to publish a treatise on the subject after he had seen the effect of that treatise. But the promise to send a treatise to the pope gave him an earlier opportunity, so that barely a month and a half intervened between the publication of the Captivity, October 6th, and that of the Liberty, middle of November. The German, although a translation in part and in part an abbreviation and rewriting of the Latin, appeared first, before November 16th. The publisher, seeing his opportunity, had, however, issued the Letter to the Pope in German separately before November 4th, FA501 so that a new dedicatory letter, addressed to Hieronymus Mulphordt (Muhlpfort), of Zwickau, was prefixed to the German edition

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