Monday, February 12, 2007

#2050-To Justus Menius in Eisenach

To the highly-honorable brother in Christ, Justus Menius, the very faithful servant of the Church in Eisenach etc.

Grace and peace in Christ! Here you have the letter of the most gracious Prince,my dear Justus, as a totally reliable witness about the income for the priestly-position at the Wartburg by which you are to direct the commander and the treasurer. You also send yourself that you come (as you write) with heavy money in your right hand and you will be a very welcome guest, perhaps not because of the money but because we wish to see and hear you in Christ mainly because this time is oppressed with corrupt sects so that hardly few of us can find in this last time those who love the brothers. Come, therefore, and the LOrd be with you,Amen. 1534 on the Thursday after Quasimodogenite [16 April]. Your Martin Luther.

NOTE:See #2041 for the grant the Prince is giving to Hieronymous Weller studying at Wittenberg from the income at the Wartburg Chapel where earlier ML spent 300 days in disquise as a knight and translated the NT.
Eisenach-Eisleben is ML's old stamping grounds so he's being very familiar with Justus. While very friendly ML probably knows that it will be hard for any of the Wartburg officials to give any money to Wittenberg. MY opinion.

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