Thursday, February 08, 2007

#2049-To Nicolaus Hausmann in Dessau

To the, in Christ, highly-honorable man, Herr Nicolaus Hausmann, the servant of Christ in Dessau, his very dear brother.

Grace and peace in Christ! I have, worthy friend, this man, as you have written, assented to discussion, as he will report to you [I said to him]]: if this matter is of such great import that you should write about the same there have been many enemies and opponents who have burdened me with discussions who afterward have spoken and done badly toward me.

On the damage (compensation) of Sebastian it is true that he has requested that I should admonish you; however because I am certain that he has a plenty and you suffer dearth, I did not want to burden you and I do want to do so yet. I will say or write to him that he should have patience with you since he is so rich and I am confident that he will do so.

We are sitting here in danger every hour from arsonists and this matter will be carried out under other masks (the trustworthiness of which I venture to swear) by this man, the insturment of Satan, the Markgraf Joachin. God is likely summoning him to his ruin, or it may be an occasion for war if he (may God prevent it) should again send arsonists.

We have heard that the Bishop of Halle is raging although he has not yet carried everything out. He is one colleague to whom the brother is not dissimilar. Christ suddenly come upon this Epicurean. This I pray and want; may it happen,Amen. Be it well with you in the LOrd and pray for me. 1534 on the Quasimodogeniti Sunday [12 April]. Your Martin Luther.

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