Friday, January 19, 2007

To Elector Johann Friedrich in Saxony (ECFG)

To the illustrious, high-born Prince and Lord Johann Friedrich, Duke in Saxony, Arch-marshall and Elector of the h. (holy) Roman Empire, Landgraf in Thuringia and Markgraf in Meissen, my most favored Lord.

Grace and peace in Christ. Illustrious, high-born Prince, most gracious Lord! With me is the parish-lord of Zwickau, Master Leonhard, and requests of me that since several good Herrs at the Court, the Lord of Wildenfels, and Doctor Christianos Chancellor et al., have all assured him that will faithfully help him by appealing to ECFG that one of priests' houses in Zwickau, which are abandoned or will be abandoned, be given to him for his wife and little children by ECFG because he cannot at this time gather anything of a treasure since there is nothing left over but everything goes from hand to mouth; and since he has such good friends at court who are pleading for him who give good witness for him and furthering his cause he also would have me write to
ECFG on his behalf as I previously know him well as he has grown up by me here and know that he is worthy and those houses must yet be taken care of: thus I plead humbly for him that if it is not burdensome for ECFG that one of these houses be turned over to him. He is yet one of the best and most pious of parish-lords and that I know as much as it is possible to know. ECFG will know well know how graciously to proceed. Christ our LOrd strengthen and make wise ECFG blessedly,Amen. Wednesday after Oculi (11 March) 1534. ECFG's humble Mart. Luther, D.

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