Thursday, January 18, 2007

#2038-To Heinrich von Einsiedel in collaboration with the other theologians

To the stoutly-honorable and valiant Heinrich von Einsiedel on Gnanstein (Nanstein), our specially favored Lord and Friend to his personal attention, Gnanstein 1534.

Grace and peace though our LOrd Jesus Christ. Firmly-honorable,favored Lord and Friend! We have read your deal with earnestness and are moved and in addition want you to know that all of us hold that your consideration which we have listed under the letter "F" is Christian and tolerable and on that account the answer to our gracious Lord Duke Georg, as you have made it, is well-pleasing; thus also is the alteration of the contracts of the family-lines (Filiale) agreeable and it is not appropriate that someone of the country should be opposed to it. Also those lords of the benefices and the land's princes can do nothing here. It is now as you have thought, according to the most recent procedure, that the people of the land prince on account will with the least reproach and hindrance go to (another?) parish. Thus perhaps they may go to a different place to hear the Gospel and partake of the Sacrament and as you know that Christians are to be aware on their own responsibility of their danger and you are to have the Mandate of Duke Georg proclaimed so that they do not come unwarned into danger and that while you do not as well pressure them with the Gospel that nevertheless you cannot protect them from Duke Georg. Such also you should indicate to them that while you do not want to remove from them the Gospel you must proclaim for the sake of the land's prince that, as well, they betake themselves to other places so they do not forsake the Gospel, and that each is responsible to recognize his own danger and each one choose understanding preachers which he supports in a Christian way. This we provide not keeping from you our good friendly opinion and are eager to serve you. Given the Tuesday after Reminiscere (3 March) Anno 1534. D. Martinus Luther,Justus Jonas, Doctor; Philippus Mel.; Johannes Bugenhagen,Pomer et al.
I, Jonas, on their direction have signed this.

Note: With the dividing of the feuds of the knights, it seems, there was dispute as to was in charge.

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