Saturday, January 27, 2007

#2043-to Nicolaus Hausmann

In Christ, the highly-honorable man,Herr Nicolaus Hausmann,Master,and faithful servant of the Word in Dessau, his very dear brother.

Grace and peace in Christ! There is nothing I might write, worthy man, only that I want Herr Christoph to give witness,as he is here with me,as he asks me to give witness to support the answer that it pleases me that he there by you take up the office of Ecclesiastic. You would afford yourself of the service of a good promoter. May you take it the right way that I have not sent back your (church)Order because I am embarrassed that I am so pressed and presumed to mark and delete several articles. In time, as God wills, it will become explicit. Christ be with you. Pray for me.My lord Kaethe greets you respectfully. On the Monday after Judica (23 March) 1534. Your Martin Luther,D.

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