Friday, January 26, 2007

#2042-To Nicolaus Hausmann in Dessau

To the very honorable man in Christ, Herr Nicolaus Hausmann, the faithful servant of the Word in Dessau, his very dear brother.

Grace and peace in Christ! Your Church Order, my worthy man, I have read and told Master Forcheim (Georg Held) that it does not seem advisable that you should print it and make it publicly known. It has for a long time become regrettable that we have published our Reformation (meant by that is meant the German Mass and Order of Worship: "Deutsche Messe und Ordung des Gottesdienst) whereby all others were given an example and with their also being published the variety and number has grown without end so that soon the waters and woods will be overflowing with paper. I have advised rather that the copy be held back and that the pastprs be written simply indicating what and how much they should do for a time ,as under the Papacy the (so called) divine ordinances were handed over, so that the same gradually through practice and the matter establishes itself without tradition and writing or deception. Thus the things with us or other neighbors would be as symmetrical as possible so that we don't open the mouths of the Papists and Sects to whowl and blaspheme about us and become highly upset, (causing) divisions as M. Georg will exstensively report to you. I request that you might excuse him: because of my fault he gives you a very slow answer; he has become a very earnest Organizer however
I was hindered before breakfast in using pen and paper because of the pain in my head
so I cannot, because of the air of this year, hurry. The LOrd Jesus be with you and your very good Prince to pray to the LOrd for me. Your pure and plain and earnest devotion for Christ gives me more joy than I can express. Christ Himself, the very sweetest, support and increase your faith through His certain, holy and joyful Spirit (Psalm 51:12-14), Amen. Pray for me and be it right well with you in Christ. On the day before Judica Sunday (21 March) Anno 1534. Your Martin Luther.

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