Sunday, January 28, 2007

#2044-To Spalatin

To the worthy man,Herr Master Georg Spalatin, servant of the Word, and now truly Bishop of the Church in Meissen, his brother.

Grace and peace in Christ! It pleases me that you write, my dear Spalatin, that the nuns in Nimpschen their cloister-habit (nonissmum)want to take off. Nevertheless, may I ask them to take heed when they want to leave the cloister what they will do ( since I have supported many nuns at great cost, what they will do on the outside whether they sufficiently become aware of the same, and are aware what they will suffer from their relatives and brothers so they do not regret their exit. Thus I do not advise that they can be completely confident. If perhaps the Prince grants them to be paid a rich gift when they leave they will not yet be able to live very long if at their place (where they want to go) makes it uncertain as to their enduring care. For this reason, if they are not certain of a marriage partner or confidently hope for the same, I advise that they do not exit. Regarding the times leaves no doubt that it would be better for them stay, withot doubt, in the cloister.

What concerns the correction of the servants of the Church I hold that the jurisdiction of the Visitors be according to each in his district if there is not a public and death-worthy transgression present which must be punished by the sword such as murder,rebellion, arson, marriage-breaking,etc. The rest the Visitors may punish either through deposing from office or in other ways as we have previously done. Further, if it pleases you, in three years leave the parish vacant then deliver it to the worldly jurisdiction, that is, the lambs to the wolves. The peasants, citizens and nobel people have a natural hate toward the pastors. And moreover,the pastors are required by the Word, namely, to accuse them; now the enemy has become their judge. Whoever wants to continue or will not admit that they have already afflicted their pastor sufficiently indicates that the peasants,and citizens as well as the nobility have need of a worldly judge rather than a shepherd(pastore).
The LOrd be with you,Amen. On the day of the man-becoming of the Son of God (25 March) 1534. Marin L.,Doctor.

NOTE: What does Kaethe think of the advice to the nuns at Nimpfschen which she left about ten years ago?

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