Friday, October 06, 2006

#1997-Duke Alrecht of Mecklenburg to ML

By God's grace, Albrecht,Duke in Mecklenburg etc.
We begin with our favored greetings. Celebrated, dear Special One! We have received and examined your writing which you now have sent to us. We consider that your admonition
which you have made toward cannot be thought of or regarded as anything but that you meant it in a faithful and good way. We would also be well inclined to answer your letter by the present messenger but apart from that (according to divine grace and bestowal) we are inclined to come to the place where you are and to answer your letter in our own person about that in your graceious writing which we do not know how to respond. We are inclined to demonstrate grace toward you. Dated at Schwerin on the Day of the Assumption of Mary (15 Aug.) Anno.33.

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