Friday, October 06, 2006

#1995-To Spalatin

To the highly renown man, Herr Georg Spalatin, the very faithful servant of God in Altenburg, his dearest brother.
Grace and peace! M. Brisger is returning to you, my dear Spalatin. Would to God that we yet could receive him with the dignity of which he is worthy but he as one poor will have patience with the poor. With us there is no news. I believe that you have seen already for a long time my writing against Duke Georg. I commend to you Brisger and also myself. Pray to the LOrd for us. Be it well with you. Swift and in a hurry on the day of St. Magdalen (22 July) 1533. Your Martin Luther.

NOTE: Brisger and Spalatin were pastors at the Stiftkirche in Alternburg.
ML wrote of Duke Georg responsibility for the rebellion in Ducal Saxony.

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