Saturday, October 07, 2006

#1998-To Spalatin in Altenburg

To his very dear brother in the LOrd,M.Georg Spalatin, servant of Christ in Altenburg.

Grace and peace in Christ! This pastor, my dear Spalatin, I recommend to you. You see in his letters what he wants. O the exceeding infamous unthankfulness of our time. What can we hope for or desire but that the right Judge and our Redeemer should come. Everywhere the noble people and peasants conspire against the Gospel while nevertheless meanwhile they enjoy with the greatest arrogance the freedom of the Gospel. Is it any wonder that the Papists have persecuted us? "Here God will judge." There is no news. The LOrd be with you. Greet your Rib. 1533 on the day after Bartholomew (25 Aug.) Your Martin Luther,D.

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